Making Advance Shortcodes in Modern Event Calendar gives you an unlimited capacity to style your layout based on your preferences and have the best user experience possible. With the variation noted below you can use easily adjustable alternatives even if you are not a web developer.

After adding your event, Modern Event Calendar enables you to make a calendar from all of the events with adorable skins, nice and tidy styles. Also, it has a powerful filtering tool to create a new calendar. Click on Custom Shortcode > Add Shortcode. This is the overview of adding a calendar with custom shortcodes.

1- Skin:

2- Style: In the Modern Event Calendar, you can assign styles to skins. This means that every skin can appear with a certain familiar style:

  • Minimal
  • Modern
  • Standard

3- Start Date: Calendar date start options

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Start of current month
  • Start of next month
  • On certain date

4- Maximum Date: Show events before the specified date.

5- Date Format: You can set an order for displaying dates in a shortcode. For more information please refer to All Date Format

6- Limit: This is the Limit for posts displayed. if the limit value equals 5, a calendar will include 5 events according to the categories you have set up and the filters you have chosen.

7- Include Local Time: Show the local time of the events on the shortcode

8- Include Events Time: Show time of the events on the shortcode

9- Load More Button: If you ant to show more than the limits you have set, enable this option. It will load more events.

10- Show Month Divider: Separates (divides) the events based on the month.

11- Display Normal Labels: Show normal Labels  on the shortcode

12- Display Reason for Cancellation: Show reason for cancellation on the shortcode

13- Display Categories: Show Categories of the event on the shortcode

14- Display Organizers: Show Organizers of the event on the shortcode

15- Show Map On Top: Add a map in the top of the shortcode

16- Geolocation: Show event that end-user location-based

17- Disable Geolocation Force Focus: If you enable this option, auto-zoom at first load map should be disabled.

18- Booking Button/Icon: Will be adding a new button or icon or text link to the shortcode, to show the booking as a popup

19- Single Event Display Method:

  • Current Window: events will be shown in another link in the current window
  • New Window: events will be shown in another link in the new window
  • Modal Popup: you can show single events on the same link as a pop-up by selecting this option
  • Disable Link: by selecting this option you can disable the event link.

20- Shortcode: After setting up your calendar, Modern Event Calendar will generate the shortcode for using a calendar anywhere you like!

21- Search Box: You can add a Search option to your shortcode here.

  • Category (Dropdown: search one category at same time, Checkboxes: search multiple categories at same time)
  • Location
  • Organizer
  • Speaker
  • Tag
  • Label
  • Address
  • Event Cost
  • Date Filter (Year & Month Dropdown, Date Picker)
  • Time Filter (Local Time Picker)
  • Text Search

22-Filter Options Part I: Modern Event Calendar can filter events on the calendar by checking the box that refers to details of an event.

  • TAGS
  • Date Options

23- Filter Option Part II:  Set date method to show events

  • Expired/Ongoing
    • a. Include Expired Events
      You have the ability to include past/expired events if you like so it will show upcoming and expired events based on the start date that you selected.
    • b. Show Only Expired Events
      It shows only expired/past events. It will use the selected start date as the first day and then go to older dates.
    • c. Show Only Ongoing Events
      It shows only ongoing events on List and Grid skins.

More information about date settings