Setup Date Option On Shortcodes in MEC allows you to set five different timelines. However, you need to consider the skin and theme when you want to adjust one. You can set a shortcode for a specified time period.

Go to M.E. Calendar > Shortcodes, in edit page select Start Date options:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Start of the current month
  • Start of the next month
  • On certain date

Some skins may have different options. For example, in Yearly view, you can set the Start of Current Year or a certain date, because of its special UI design.

In Date section of shortcode edit you have two options:

  • Include Expired Events: You have the ability to include past/expired events if you like so it will show the upcoming and expired events based on the start date that you’ve selected.
  • Show Only Expired Events: It shows only expired/past events.

So for a previous time period between 2016 and now, for example, you can set 2016 and enable Show Only Expired Events button.

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