This section of general options in the Modern Event Calendar is useful for SEO, categorizing, and indexing for search engines. Not to mention sorting out your events. 

1. You can set the events to not expired; even two hours after their start, right after their start, or its end time. 

2. If you have an event that goes on for multiple days and you want to just display the date for its first day then you need to select “Show only first day” on all skins. However, you can also display the dates for all the days that the event goes on by selecting “Show all days”. 

3. By selecting this option and deleting MEC, all your data will be cleared from the database. If it is disabled and you delete MEC then your data will be kept in a database.

4. You can write the Sender Name for all notifications

5. You can write the Sender Email for all notifications

6. Remove the “th” from your calendar page view here.

7. You can set enable or disable Schema code.

8. Set or modify weekdays.

9. Set or modify weekends.

10. With this option, you can change the date picker format on MEC.

11. With this option, you can view midnight events (which are essentially two-day events) into a single day event.

12. Open “Add Event” as Popup: Enable/Disable add event wizard.

13. Open “Add Shortcode” as Popup: Enable/Disable add shortcode wizard.

14. Enable the event featured image in the feed.

15. You can set the featured image by category. First, enable this option on the settings. Then you can set featured image here:

Event Wizard and Shortcode Wizard: A feature that allows quick submission of event and shortcode and you can disable it at any time. It’s working process is guiding you step by step to create an event or shortcode.

please note: in order to prevent local time and daylight saving issues make sure to set your timezone with the city name.
The name of your city or a city that is in the same time zone as your city.