Front-end Event Submission and emails in MEC:

New Event Notification:

When a new user submits an event from the front-end events submission form, an email arrives that an event has been registered.

User Event Publishing Notification:

An e-mail will be sent to the user of the event registrant when you publish an event received from the front-end subscription form.

Booking and emails in MEC:

The default process for all bookings in MEC:

    1. End user makes a new booking.
    2. An email containing a verification link is sent to the user for them to verify the ticket. Simultaneously, they receive another email that verifies the booking.
    3. At the same time as 2, an email notifying the new booking on the website is sent to the Super administrator’s email to notify them.
    4. Website admin checks the booking list and if the booking is verified by the end user and complies with the terms (website internal terms and conditions, payment confirmation, availability of the event, etc.), the admin confirms the booking.
    5. After this, the use receives an email that confirms their booking.
      1. Cancelation link can be sent in the final confirmation email so that if the user wishes to cancel the booking they have the option to do so.
      2. If the user cancels the booking, the refund process has to be manual. It is also possible to send an email that confirms the booking has been canceled.
    6. After booking is finalized, a booking reminder email can be sent to the users that is based on X days left until the event. For instance, if the event is on the 26 of next month, a reminder email can be sent X days before the event begins.
  1. Note: If Auto-verification and/or Auto-confirmation are checked in Booking Settings, these tickets will be automatically verified and confirmed.
MEC booking for free tickets

Free tickets have no Payment Gateway but it needs to be set previously so that the Booking form can be viewed. When the booking process is finalized for free tickets, users will receive this message: Thanks for your booking.

MEC booking for paid tickets with instant payment

The email exchange is as it was explained before.

MEC booking for paid tickets with local payment

In bookings that have local payment you can manage the confirmation process. The default scenario was explained but there are 2 more cases:

  1. If you activate “Auto confirmation for paid bookings”, then check “Disable Auto-confirmation” for “Pay Locally” payments in MEC Settings > Booking > Payment Gateways, the above process will not hold. Meaning, despite Auto-confirm being active, the admin must confirm the payments of the end user manually.
  2. When “Auto-confirmation for paid bookings” is active, users won’t get an email. But, due to the nature of this type of payment, if you wish to send an email to the end user when the admin has confirmed the booking, you need to check “Send confirmation email in auto confirmation mode” in the same place that you activated the Auto-confirmation.

MEC Notification Module

MEC Admin Notification

Create Html Notification

To display notifications to the user and attendees of the website via exclusively designed email, you may configure HTML template in this section. 

Note: see this post to learn how to customize the content of emails in the MEC plugin.