How to solve “no event found” issue in modern event calendar

If you confronted “No Event Found!”.  we will send you this message, so please before submitting a ticket check it and then if your issue was not fixed, then submit a ticket:

Use the latest version and be continue:

  1. Please read the following article: Setup Date Option On Shortcodes.
  2. Please check the following (even again):
    1. Update permalinks from dashboard > Settings > permalinks
    2. Update events and shortcodes again
    3. Remove filter options from shortcodes
    4. Check the events not to be expired
    5. Featured images for events in Carousel shortcode
    6. Deactivate all your plugins and let the MEC remain active only, set your theme on default, then reload the page, if the issue was solved, then activate your plugins one by one and your theme, refresh your page and check to see which plugin is causing the issue. Please let us know the results.
    7. Read this article:
    8. Please check MEC Dashboard, do you have ongoing events?

If not, please send WordPress admin + cPanel access username / password + URL to login for deeper examinations. Please let us know in this link:

Or follow the second section in this article:

Fix “No Event Found” With SQL Query:

We strongly advise you get a backup of your database first.

If none of the above methods helped, we need to write a query that can work with the database of your website.

For the first one please find the “#__mec_*** ” and delete them (Drop).

In the next step, open install.sql in the directory below:



Note 1: usually “wp_” is prefix of the all tables, you should change the prefix instead of this “#__
Note2: You can find WordPress prefix on wp-config file

Now, you should add a new query for your WordPress database, so please follow steps below:

The substitution for charsets should be done as follows:

Find [:CHARSET:] => Replace with utf8mb4 or utf8 Find [:COLLATE:] => Replace with utf8mb4_unicode_ci or utf8_general_ci Find #__         => Replace with Table prefix (Normally wp_)


Find and replace the correct charset.

For example, find all #__ in the install.sql and replace it with your WordPress prefix, Also, find  [:CHARSET:] &  [:COLLATE:] then replace with the correct string.

Note: Do not save install.sql file.

Now copy all of the code in the install.sql file [modified with the replace codes] and past it in the SQL Query in your database and then click on the GO button.

After that, you installed MEC tables and you need to save all of the content on your website, open all evens, shortcode, and taxonomies… and click on the update button to save all of them in the database.

I hope the above steps help you if you have any issue yet please let me know: