From your WordPress dashboard, you can view and edit the bookings in one place just by going to the Dashboard> Bookings> Bookings section.

You can also use bulk action and use filters during selection and export booking in the Modern Event Calendar just by going to the booking section and selecting CVS export:

You can find it on “Bulk Action Menu” like image below:

Also, you can edit a booking and tickets in your Bookings.
1. Go to Edit Form and enable the “I need to editing the booking details” (number 2) If you need to Confirm or Verify the booking just go to the Status and Invoice section (number 3)

And if you want to let some users manage the booking on your site please note that MEC using WordPress user roles. WordPress has user roles to let you set privileges and manage users and there are plenty of ways to do that. So users able to manage bookings in the WordPress dashboard.

If verification and confirmation notificaation are enabled for this booking, You can resend any of these emails as needed.
1- Here check any email you want to be sent again.
2- Update booking.