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General Questions On WordPress While Using MEC

01. I received Fatal Error after I installed MEC. How do I solve this issue?

We have previously covered how to resolve the Fatal Error HERE. Before contacting our support please read up on that article.

02. It seems that there are certain 403 and 404 errors on the Google Console in terms of SEO. How do I solve this issue?

Navigate to MEC Settings > General and display the Schema option and use external plugins to manage your website’s SEO.

03. How do I change some of MEC’s HTML codes in a way that they don’t disappear after an update?

We have a specific document for this purpose. Make sure to go over it thoroughly and you should be able to do it:

04- How can I change certain colors and styles in the shortcodes and single event page?

You can do this in multiple ways:

  1. Through our integrated stylish setting: 
  2. Through CSS and the basic tutorial we’ve included here: 
  3. Through the Single Builder Add-on
  4. Through the Shortcode Builder Add-On
  5. Through the Shortcode Designer Add-On
  6. Through the Form Builder Add-On

05. After installing MEC, I encounter Error 404 on all single event pages. How do I solve this issue?

You need to save the permalinks one more time from WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalink

06. The Single Event Page displays no event found when opened from the archives. Follow these instructions to fix this issue: 

07. MEC has slowed down my website’s loading speed significantly. What should I do?

We’ve explained the matter in great detail here and proposed different ways of fixing it. 

08. I’m trying to use the Elementor Page Builder and instead am faced with Content Area Was Not Found. How do I solve this issue?

Read this document to resolve this issue:  

09. I want the images displayed in my grid view to be displayed in a higher quality. How can I achieve this?

We’ve provided substantial information regarding this matter in the link below:
You can either follow this or

10. I have added the Search Bar shortcode on my calendar page yet it’s still not displaying certain taxonomies. Why is that the case?

For those taxonomies to be available in the search bar you will need to have at least 1 instance for each of them so the dropdown menu is displayed. In short, at least one event needs to include that specific Category, Speaker or organizer.

11. Is it possible to organize events based on ascending or descending order?

This isn’t possible currently but we have plans to include it in the future.

12. Does MEC also support Gutenberg or is it just the Elementor page builder?

MEC supports the Gutenberg Page Builder as well and in addition to Elementor it supports other popular page builders such as Divi Builder, King Composer and WP Bakery.

13. How do I turn off the Add Event and Add Shortcode popup wizards?

All you need to do is to enable the last option here MEC Settings > General Settings

14. How do I delete all MEC data during the removing process?

Go to MEC’s general settings and make sure to enable this option: Remove MEC Data on Plugin Uninstall

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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