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Q&A About Installation, Update, Auto-Update, Upgrade, Downgrade And Activation

01. How to install MEC plugin?

There are two ways to install MEC. The following link provides instructions on how to install MEC both via FTP and via WordPress.

02. I’ve installed MEC plugin. How do I activate it?

To activate MEC, go to MEC Dashboard page and enter the product license key in the corresponding field. Make sure whether your license matches the correct radio button so that your MEC license can be verified. Follow the link to learn about the step-by-step instruction:

03. How do I activate Auto Update in MEC?

For auto-update activation, first, you need to get your product license key verified in MEC dashboard. Then, you’ll be able to see available updates under WP Dashboard> Update.

04. My product won’t activate and displays a red mark, indicating MEC plugin is deactivated.

To activate MEC plugin on your website, make sure to enter the correct license key that matches the number of licenses purchased. For details on how to resolve this issue, kindly click on this link: 

05. I’m sure I’m entering the right license key. Yet the product is still not activated. What should I do?

Please contact your hosting provider regarding this issue. Two things could be happening here: Either your hosting provider has blocked our server, or you may need to have cURL extension enabled on your host.

06. I previously purchased MEC plugin on Codecanyon/Envato. How do I get updates for my item now?

We’ve changed our licensing system to our own and provide auto-update to our customers. We value our loyal customers very much and you can now purchase the product from our website at a great discount.  

07. How do I upgrade MEC plugin?

You need to download the latest MEC version from Webnus dashboard and upload it manually. For the step by step process, please follow the link below:

08. I got a fatal error as soon as I activated MEC. What should I do?

To learn how to tackle the fatal error, please follow the link below:

09. We are using Pro. How can we get back to the previous version?

We do not recommend to do so, and we do not keep the previous versions. However, if you insist in doing so, you should tell the license code and state your reason for it in a new ticket and we send you the version you want.

10. We are using Lite. How can we get back to the previous version?

We do not recommend to do so. However, you can access the previous version via this page:

Find what you want and download it.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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