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Q&A About Creating Events And Single Event Page Options In MEC

01. I’ve activated MEC and now, whenever I click on an event that I’ve created, I get the 404 error (page not found). How to fix this issue?

To learn how to tackle this issue, kindly follow the link below:

02. I’ve customized and added all MEC built-in widgets on the single event page. How come nothing is displayed on the Front End?

In order for the widgets to be displayed full and without any problem on your single event page, you need to add MEC sidebar widget exclusively on the MEC sidebar and enable its options. Please click on the link provided for details:

03. How do I add a speaker to the single event page?

To do this, first, you need to enable the Speaker module from MEC Settings page and add the speaker. You will then need to select the available speakers for the hourly schedule or the event itself on the single event page. For more information, please follow the link below:

04. I tried to add the Weather widget to the single event page, but it isn’t displaying. Why is that?

This is because you need to set the geolocation of your event currently. Keep in mind that the weather module requires an API Key that must be set in MEC Settings and the geolocation must be set in accordance with Google API Key. For precise information, kindly follow the link below: 

05. How do I remove the comment box on the single event page?

This question has come up before by other customers. You can find the elaborate response of our support team at the link below: 

06. I’ve set the location for my event, but the map doesn’t show up on my event page. what should I do?

First of all, check if you’ve activated the Google Map API key on your domain. Follow the link below for more details: 
Then make sure that the map widget is enabled on the sidebar. 

07. How do I change the time and date format on the single event page?

Go to WP Dashboard> Settings> General to change the format according to your preference. 

08. Why is the Register button not displayed on the single event page?

This question has been previously discussed. For the elaborate response, kindly follow the link provided below:

09. How to show other event attendees to end-users who have booked the event?

This is made possible by integrating MEC with the BuddyPress plugin. For more information, kindly follow the link below:

10. How do I make my single event page similar to your demo?

To change single events in MEC, go to MEC Settings> Single Event> Single Event Style and choose Modern style, which is our original default style.

11. I’d like to rearrange MEC widgets. How is it possible?

This cannot be done by MEC alone. First, you need to install Elementor Single Builder Add-On. Then you can use a simple drag and drop to rearrange MEC widgets. More information about this Add-On is available at

12. The date is displayed correctly on the single event page of my website but not the time. Why is that so?

kindly go to WP Dashboard> Settings> Timezone to set the time zone in WordPress.

13. I would like to make my website header transparent. Can you point me in the right direction?

To do this, kindly refer to your Theme options. Headers are usually created on all typical webpages. On certain pages such as the homepage, header transparency can be set by theme options.

14. From now on, our events are going online. Does MEC do anything regarding SEO?

Yes, in order to set your event on the schema click on the link below:

it should be said that MEC is now fully compatible with SEO plugins. We recommend using these plugins as they help optimizing your website’s SEO.

15. I have events that are due to midnight. Can anything be done to them?

Yes. From the General Settings set you time (from 12 A.M. to 5 A.M.). In order to create an event for one single day, set the first day and time. Then set the next day up until midnight at max. See the image below:


Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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