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Q&A About Repeating System In The Events Of MEC Plugin

01. My events should repeat on certain days only but they’re showing up every day. Why is that?

Make sure you’re familiar enough with how MEC event repeating system functions and then select the appropriate item according to the repetition interval of your event. Kindly read and follow the link below:
You may also find the examples at the following link helpful:

02. How come it keeps showing the first date of a recurring event when I click on a particular event from the shortcode?

This issue has already been discussed. You can find the question and the solution provided by our support team at the link below:

Basically, you need to adjust the date method settings in the single event page. Kindly follow the link provided below:

03. How can I create an event that repeats on the first Monday of every month?

You should use the Advanced repeat option.

04. We have events that are repeated in the same day. How to create one of these?

As you can see in the link below:

you should use the custom day repeating and set different times for your event.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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