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Q&A About Import, Export, Synchronization

01. How can I transfer events from one website to another?

The best way to do this is to use MEC’s import and export feature which utilizes XML format. You can find all the formats for import and export in the link below:

02. How can I integrate MEC events with Facebook?

We have a full article that explains this step by step:

03. How can I integrate MEC events with Google Calendar?

Here we have explained everything you need to do. You need to enable your calendar’s API from the Google Dashboard. Also, another user had a similar question that you can follow for how to do this:

04. how doest CronJobs work?

The link Https:// provides enough explanation about CronJobs. You can also read the last parts of this link.

05. After some time I realized Facebook no longer is imported, but it worked fine before. What happened?

This is because of the limited publish time of your API for Facebook. It is initially for two months. To remove this limit you need to follow step 4 from this link and configure your API. It has been explained step by step.

06. How can I migrate from other plugins introduced by MEC to MEC?

It’s very simple to do. You need to have MEC and the other plugin installed and active at the same time. Then go to MEC >Import/Export > Third-Party Plugins and select the other plugin. Then simply click on the Start button. Considering the size of your events, the import will be done in 30 seconds or so.

07. I use third-party plugins and can see the events but cannot import them to MEC. What should I do?

The import operation is directly related to the configuration of your server and this might be because of low RAM on your server or short timeout time. You can find more details here. It is better to ask your host provider to help out.

08. When importing from Google Calendar I get error 404 or 403. Why is that?

You can solve this problem this way:
First, make sure that your calendar is published.
Make sure your Calendar API that is exclusive to your domain is active.
Your Calendar ID must be correct for your calendar.

09. How can I download the list of event attendees in CSV?

The simplest way is to go to the Booking menu in MEC and filter the event or ticket you want. Then using bulk action export the file with the format you like:

10. How can I export the Organizers?

There is currently no option for this.

11. Is there any way to download all MEC invoices?

MEC cannot do this but you can utilize Ticket and Invoice add-on to download all invoices in PDF. This add-on has many more functions that you can learn about here:

12. Is it possible to download all the invoices of MEC all at once?

This cannot be done by MEC. Actually, you should use MEC Advanced Reports:

13. Is it possible to import via excel?

No, we are sorry. 

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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How can I sync events between MEC calendars installed on different sites and different hosting environments (ie, not multi-site)? I don't want to upload the events once (ie, export XML and manually import it).  

I want it to happen automatically in the background.  

Use Case:
A group of different organizations are building a network of event calendars and we want to pull each of the sites into a single event calendar that aggregates all of the events.  All of the sites will have MEC but they will all be hosted on different servers. 

So it can't involved "multi-site" and it can't lose data (ie, sync photos, links, text, etc.), so it can't involve Google Calendar (which obviously doesn't pull in and markup all of those fields).  

I looked in the Import/Export, and the syncronization tab shows Google, Facebook and Meetup, but not other MEC files.  When I read the help, it shows to use XML, but it seems to be for download and re-uploading manually, not for automated syncing.  

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