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Cheat Sheet with Image Dimensions? i.e. Featured Image

 Is there a place where the recommended image sizes for the different images are documented?

For example, I tried using a square image (500x500, 1:1)  as Featured Image but it did not display well.  I tried a rectangular image, but when it was displayed it was cut off from the original size. I want to stop experimenting in each case.

Same things with the thumbnails in the "related events area": if the featured image is wrongly sized, it will not display correctly there.

So...What would be the ideal size (and image ratio) for Featured IMages, Thumbnails, Gallery?

Same thing for other places where images are needed.

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I am looking for the same solution. When I add a featured image, it looks fine in all places except for the modal view of a single image. Somewhere the code resizes the image to a specific aspect ratio. This is not required. The code could simply specify a 100% width and then allow the height to self-determine. This would make the image responsive and there would be no need for special image sizing. Can this be fixed in the template/style?

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