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Showing discount and last ticket left on calendar

Hi all -

We are using this rather excellent plugin on a client's site (Pro version)

We are showing a calendar as below:


These are climbing courses with (usually) just 4 places on them.

The client has asked us the following:

For some courses which are rapidly approaching, but are not full, he would like to discount the price. That's easy enough, we can just reduce the price by 20% (or whatever). He would like us to show that there is '20% Discount' on this calendar view. Is that possible? I thought we'd done it before but now cannot remember how (apart from changing the title of the course to (for example) 'Cuillin Munros (4 days) - 20% off'. Is there a way of adding a flash/roundel like the 'sold out' one?

Secondly, he'd like us to add a notice (again to this calendar view) when there is only one place left. Is that possible?

Many thanks - sorry if these are silly questions!

Regards - Jon

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Thank you for contacting us.

This is Mason.

For the first question, you need to create a custom label and call it, for example, "20% OFF" and then place this label for the events that have discounts. Please refer to this link for more details: 

For the second question, you need to enable the Last Few Tickets Option. Please checkout this guide: 

Let us know in the online chat if you need anything else.