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Member ticket price


We consider using MEC on a membership site we are running, but we have one challenge. We offering Online workshops both for our members and non members, so we need to be able to create two tickets for every workshop. One that are visible for members and one for logged out users. Is this possible with MEC? At the moment we are running Event Espresso, since this is the only event plugin I have found, that can do this. 

The site is running Buddyboss, Memberpress and Wpfusion.


Arild Bekkelund

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Thank you for posting on our forums.

Unfortunately, that is not possible with MEC. You can limit ticket purchases per event, not per ticket. So you can have one event that only allows a certain group of users to buy and another event that allows everybody to buy.

Let us know if you need anything else.


Webnus team

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