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Possibility to specify a seminar number and a seminar location for each date (Event Repeating - Custom Days)

Is it possible to specify an event number and an event location for each date within a series of events with multiple dates (Event Repeating - Custom Days)? In our case, we offer training sessions on different topics. Each of these training sessions takes place on different dates throughout the year and has its own event number. Additionally, these trainings are held either as in-person sessions at a seminar location or as online seminars. Therefore, we need a event number and a event location (in-person or online) for each date.

We are using an old version 3.1.6, and I had already added a event number, see screenshot (backend and frontend). We would now like to add the event location. Since we also plan to upgrade to the current version of MEC, we are interested to know if there is now a solution to achieve this.


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First of all, you should always use the latest version. This feature is available in MEC as the option called Edit Per Occurrence from the settings. This will allow you to edit each occurrence's data.


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First of all, thank you very much for the prompt response here and the more detailed reply via email.


Thank you for reaching out

You are using a very old version of MEC. Please update to the latest version (7.12.0). Note that the Webnus team’s support always includes the latest version of MEC and add-ons.

To add different locations to various occurrences of an event, you can use the "Edit Per Occurrences" feature. By enabling this option in the Modern Events Calendar, you can modify specific details for each occurrence of your events. For activation and usage instructions, please refer to the links below.

Regarding the AWF-NR field (event number), this option is not currently available in the Custom Days repetition settings. Has this field been added as a custom development for you? Please clarify how this field was added to the settings. 

Currently, the Custom Days repetition settings are as shown in the screenshot below, and there is no event number field in it or any part of the MEC settings.


I think it's good that there's now the possibility to include additional information per appointment, and I've looked into this in a test version. However, I'm concerned that the backend could quickly become cluttered with many appointments... It might be useful to have the option to collapse these expanded appointment details (e.g. Accordion ). For "smaller" additional details like a seminar number or order number, it would certainly be very clear to display them directly with the appointment, as we currently do.

One more question: Can these details also be included in a list view? And is it possible to list all appointments of an event in one overview?

I implemented the additional field (AWF-NR.) back then and also extended and adjusted the list views accordingly.

... And yes, we are planning an update to the latest version or another system, and we wanted to find out if such advanced features are available in the meantime.

Many thanks

Please submit your suggestion for the view here:

As for your question, what you can do is create a shortcode for the occurrences of that specific event and then place that shortcode on the single event page. This way it'll show the occurrences of that particular event in any view MEC offers.


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