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Q&A About Elementor Form Builder Add-On

01. What do I do when I get the Error 500 screen on Elementor’s editor?

Make sure to use the latest version of the add-on and check your server’s configuration with the help of this post: If doesn’t help, make sure to contact us and we’ll help you out. 

02. I want to translate the add-on, how can I do that?

Make sure to read this post on how to translate:

03. Does this add-on work with MEC Lite?

No, that’s because Form Builder utilizes the booking feature that is exclusive to MEC Pro and not available in MEC Lite.

04. How can I create a form that is exclusive to a ticket?

You can’t create forms exclusive to specific tickets but you can make a specific form for each event which is explained in this post:

05. Can I use the classic form together with the Elementor Form Builder?

Yes, but you can use one or the other. They can’t be used at the same time in an event.

06. I’ve installed the add-on but I get an error when I try to access Elementor’s editor:

You go WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalink and set your website’s permalinks on Post name. Afterward, the editor will become functional.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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