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Q&A About WooCommerce Integration Add-On

01. I use WooCommerce Integration add-on but I don’t see the Add to Cart option. What’s the issue here?

Once this addon has been added and activated you should go to MEC Settings > Bookings > Payment Gateway and make sure that the newly added option Add to WooCommerce Cart is activated.

02. I want to translate the add-on, how can I do that?

Make sure to read this post on how to translate:

03. Does this add-on work with MEC Lite?

No, WooCommerce Payment Gateway utilizes the booking feature which is exclusive to MEC Pro and not available in MEC Lite.

04.  I use the WooCommerce Integration Addon and wanted to know how I can change the order status of a booking?

Navigate to the addon’s setting through MEC Settings > Booking > Payment Gateways and enable the “Sync WooCommerce Order Status with MEC Booking Status” option. For more info please read the document below:

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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