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Q&A About Elementor Sortcode Designer Add-On

01. I can’t enter the Elementor environment after the addon is installed. What should I do?

This issue can be fixed easily by saving Permalinks in the WordPress Settings > General > Permalinks

02. How can I resolve Content errors?

Please follow the instructions laid below:

03. How can I use Elementor and maybe other page builders in this addon?

Regardless of what page builder you use, it can be used together with Elementor. You can keep both Elementor and your preferred builder active at the same time. Use the Shortcode Desginer document to start building your first custom shortcode:

Once you’ve created your shortcode, copy the shortcode ID for it and paste it in the main page builder you use.

04. Does this addon also work with MEC Lite?

Yes, you can use this addon with MEC Lite as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

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