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Q&A About Translations

01. How do I change the text on buttons (or some other strings)?

There are two methods by which you can change or translate the messages/phrases in MEC. You can find the step by step instruction at the two links provided below:

You can also use an external plugin such as Loco Translate. This plugin provides in-browser editing of WP translation files.

02. I wish to translate my multilingual site. How is this possible in MEC?

MEC is currently compatible with WP translation plugins that do this. We recommend using one of these two popular plugins: WPML Plugin which you’d need its premium version or PolyLang which its free version is available in the WP plugin repository. 

03. What I wish to do is to use the word teacher instead of Speaker. Is it possible?

Yes, you can easily change any word and apply it to your entire website. Simply go to MEC Settings> Messages> Taxonomies. Then find and change the word Speaker. Follow the link below for more details: 

04. Will my translation files erased whenever I update?

Yes. As a matter of fact, you should get a backup of your language files .PO and .MO format every time you update or you can send your files to our support email address so that we can update MEC database. This way, the files won’t miss with every update. Another way is to put them in this directory: ROOT / wp-content / languages / plugins. However, keep in mind that you also need to update and add new strings that are added to MEC. 

05. How to change MEC language?

To change the language, navigate to WP Dashboard> Settings> General> Language.

06. I use WPML to translate. How can I translate MEC?

Firstly, translate the taxonomies of MEC and then translate your events. It is better to see the documents regarding the topic and its forum:

06. How to translate months, weekday names?

Translation of dates, months, etc is done using the WordPress date_i18n function. This is the same way that your posts date and time translations would be done.

This means that to achieve date localization (translation) you should install the base WordPress translation files for each of the languages you wish to use.

The month translations supplied using the native WordPress internationalization. So you should be able to get those translations using a completed translation file.

WordPress already includes localized date formats. Please make sure that the WP .mo file is correctly installed in /wp-includes/languages.

You can check this in WPML – Themes and Plugins localization

– Go to WPML -> themes and plugins localization.
– Enable “Translate by WPML” option
– Enable “WPML will automatically download WordPress translations” option.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

Further to Question 1 above,
I want to change the word "Event" to "Open House" in the Countdown / View 3. It is not a translation change. 
How can I change this?


Translation doesn't mean going from one language to another. You can use those guides to change the text in the same language.


Webnus Team

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