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Q&A About Booking, Tickets, Fees, Form Builder, Coupons, Invoice, Notifications, Ticket Variation, Early Bird And Payments

01. I have enabled the booking system but the booking form/register button doesn’t appear on my event page as in the demo. How do I fix it?

This issue has previously been brought up by another user. Kindly follow the link below to see our support desk’ response:

You need to make sure that:
A. Booking module service is enabled.
B. Payment Gateway is enabled for your bookings.
C. Tickets have been created for your event.
D. The register button is enabled on MEC sidebar.
E. Whether or not the booking form on the event page is in the Modal Booking Style.

02. I’ve set the Stripe payment gateway but the payment cannot be made. How can I fix this?

Firstly, if this is not an organizer payment, double-check to make sure you’ve correctly selected Stipe payment gateway and not Stripe Connect. Then you need to make sure the Stripe API Key and Publish Key are enabled on your website’s current domain. 

03. How can I set a limit on the number of purchased tickets by each user?

There are two ways to do this:
A. By general option in MEC Settings > Booking > Limit.
B. When creating tickets in Single Event via the respective tab.

04. How can I force users to login before purchasing tickets?

Fortunately, MEC has an add-on to help you do so. Kindly follow the link below for more information: 

05. How do I disable the invoice feature and not present it to users?

Simply go to MEC Settings> Booking> Enable Invoice and uncheck this option.

06. After selecting WooCommerce integration, the user goes straight to checkout and payment for tickets and products is not done at once. Why is that?

MEC function and its integration with WooCommerce are explained thoroughly at this link. Having said that, “Add to Cart” Add-On is now available and by installing this Add-On and activating its specific payment gateway, you’ll be able to have Add to Cart option along with other payment methods. You can read more about this Add-On at the link below:
This way, users will no longer be redirected directly to the checkout page and will be able to purchase your tickets along with other products at the same time and pay for them all at once.

07. I wish to change the ticket prices after a certain date. Is this possible?

Yes, MEC has an option for that. When creating a ticket, you can specify the date and price range in the “Price Per Date” section. 

08. How do I set up a specific booking form for a ticket?

Unfortunately currently, there is not a way to set up a form for each ticket. However, you can create a specific form with a form builder for each event on the Single Event back-end page.

09. I use WooCommerce Integration Add-On but I don’t see the Add to Cart option. Is there a problem with this Add-On?

When you enable this Add-On, a new option is added under MEC Settings> Booking> Payment Gateway. Make sure that Add to WooCommerce Cart is enabled.

10. The number of emails that end-users receive after booking an event is too much. How do I limit it to only one email?

Go to MEC Settings> Booking and click on auto Confirmation and auto Verification options checkbox to get this done automatically. Kindly refer to the link below for more information: 

11. I’d like to know about the cancellation and refund process in MEC?

To cancel, we’ve included a placeholder in the confirmation email which includes a link. If the end-user clicks on the link, the ticket will be canceled and a booking cancellation confirmation email will be sent after cancellation has completed successfully. The refund process, however, needs to be done by you manually.

12. When is the Few Tickets tag displayed?

Only when there are less than 10 tickets left for an event. Having said that, the total number of tickets for the said event must be higher than 10. For example, if the total number of tickets for an event is 100 and 94 of the tickets are booked, then you’re left with only 6 tickets and that’s when you’ll see the Few Tickets tag in the shortcodes.

13. How can I have tickets on sale on a particular date?

In MEC you can start selling tickets on a particular time before the event begins. To do this, use Show Booking Form Interval in MEC Settings > Booking.

14. After the user makes a booking neither they nor the admin receive the emails. How can I fix this?

This is not from MEC and you need to contact your host provider and make sure that email service is active on your host. If the problem still persists after activating email service on the host, you are able to use a third party plugin for this. SMTP plugins are great for this and are easy to configure and can connect with Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. and send out emails. The best ones are WP Mail and WPForms by SMTP with more than a million installs: is recommended.

15. How can I remind users that have booked an event?

You can use the Booking Reminder Notification.

16. I have free tickets. Is there any way to prevent one user from getting all of them?

For each user, you can do this in two ways:
A. By a general option in MEC Settings > Booking > Limit.
B. When creating tickets in Single Event you can do this by going to the relevant tab.

17. How can I change the format for the invoices that MEC issues?

It cannot be done only with MEC. You need a separate add-on (Ticket and Invoice) that has been made for this by Webnus team. In addition to that, with this add-on you’ll be able to see much more info about the booking. Visit the link below to learn more about Ticket & Invoice add-on:

18. Downloading the invoice after booking results in fatal error TF PDF. How can I fix this?

Please visit the link:

19. I wish to change the form style. How can I do this?

MEC can only rearrange the fields. In order to change all the styles of the booking form, you can use Elementor Form Builder Add-On or customize MEC through Inspect Element.

20. How users can sell tickets and admins get a fee?

For more information about this please follow the link below. It contains all the information you need to know: Https:// If you had any questions after reading the link please let us know.

21. How can the organizer pay a commission fee?

By organizer’s Stripe and Stripe Connect for admin, the commission will be transferred to the admin’s account when the total ticket fee is transferred to the organizer’s account. For more info please follow this link:

22. How does MEC integrate with MailChimp?

This integration is only for bookings and makes it possible to connect to your advertising campaigns in MailChimp. For more info about this please follow this link:

23. I have created a coupon code and it applies to all tickets. How can I make it apply on one ticket?

You need to edit that particular coupon and set it on the ticket you want:

24. How can I export a list of attendees?

For this, you can use Bulk Action and export the tickets of the bookings you want. You can also use filter items to limit the list:

25. I cannot see the register button on the event page. Why is that?

Another use had this issue. Please see the link below: You need to make sure

A. Booking is active.

B. You need to have an active Payment Gateway for your bookings.

C. You also need to make sure your event has tickets.

D. Make sure the register button is active in MEC Sidebar.

E. Viewing the booing form is Modal or not in the event page.


26. I activated the booking and created tickets but cannot see the booking form.

You need to make sure that booking form is viewed in Modal.

27. I want to delete the default fields of MEC for email and name. Why can’t I do this?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. These fields create a new user in your WordPress and deleting them makes it impossible to create the new user.

28. The email does not contain the last name. How can I add that?

It only occurs if the user profile is not complete on your website.

29. The email that is sent by MEC is named MEC or WordPress. How can I change that?

There is an option for this:

30. How can I change the position of the booking form on the event page?

This is possible with Elementor Single Builder Add-On and enables you to rearrange all widgets in the Single Event Page and customize them. MEC can only customize those.

31. How can we notify the end-user of other attendees?

Using BuddyPress integration. Please follow this link:

32. How can the user view a list of their activities and purchased tickets?

There are three cases where this is possible. Please follow the links below:
A. Using the profile of BuddyPress Plugin and viewing activities in the profile.
B. Using the User Profile shortcode.
C. Using User Dashboard Add-on. It is the most complete and best method with professional tools.

33. Does the QR code in the invoice only contains the event link? Or more info?

In MEC alone, yes. But our Ticket and Invoice add-on completes this and provides you with a QR code system for checking in. Additionally, you can see more info about the booking with the add-n. For more info on Ticket and Invoice add-on follow the link below:

33. Does the QR code in the invoice only contains the event link? Or more info?

In MEC alone, yes. But our Ticket and Invoice add-on completes this and provides you with a QR code system for checking in. Additionally, you can see more info about the booking with the add-n. For more info on Ticket and Invoice add-on follow the link below:

34. We have an electronic business course. Is it possible to reserve all the occurrences at once?

What we recommend is this:

When creating the ticket for your event, in a single event backend page, from the booking options, use the sell all occurrences by one booking. Further information can be found in the link below:

35. What is the logic behind the limitations for each user in “Total User Booking Limits” option?

This option is based first on email and then on the IP address of the user who booked. If you want to erase this limitation, go to:

MEC Settings > Booking > IP restriction

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment area.

Is it possible to create a user account (wordpress/BuddyBoss) when someone registers to an event?

Is it possible to hide the "available tickets" information from the booking form? I would prefer customers do not know how many tickets are still remaining for an event.

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