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Blank Screen Issue After MEC Update

What to do if I see An Error And A Blank Screen Issue After MEC Plugin Update?

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Error and a blank screen issue after MEC plugin update might happen due to faults in root and directory in the Cpanel. So, First of all please read this post thoroughly.

What to do after you Updated MEC and faced an error and a blank screen?

This error will be resolved if you follow the steps below:

1- Please log in to cPanel or FTP

2- Go to this directory: ~root of the website / wp-content/plugins

3- After that delete completely this folder “modern-events-calendar-lite”.

Note: don’t worry all your data is saved in the database!

4- Then, download the plugin .zip file. / and if you use the PRO version just go to webnus dashboard > download tab and download MEC again). The correct version should be v.4.8.3 :

If you use the Pro Version, you can find the latest version from dashboard > download tab

5- If you use the cPanel so, please upload it to the above directory and extract it there. If you use FTP access because you cannot extract zip file there, you can go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins and upload again MEC-lite.

By now your issue should have been fixed, just need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and use it same as before.

After deleting MEC-lite your WordPress access would be back, so you can get a backup with extra plugins then.

To put it simply, a PHP file changed the encoding and that’s why the error occured. If you upload MEC again the encoding will be back to its previous state.

References links:

UpdateFatal Error

An error and a blank screen issue after MEC plugin update will be fixed during the first minutes of the update on the same version. Also, a Manual update will fix the problem.

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If you have any other questions, I’ll be more than happy to help.

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