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Required Fields For New User Role In MEC

How to use the Required Fields For New User Role In MEC Plugin?

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Required fields for new user role in MEC plugin can be adjusted in the general part of the WordPress setting. Also, MEC default setting doesn’t allow you to change the name and email of new users. This is part of data integration with WordPress settings.

Here we can see a conversation from the Modern Events Calendar’s support desk which is about New User Role & Required Fields

Note: If you want to learn about email customization in MEC read this documentation about

How to change the name of email sender.



How can I remove MEC Email and MEC Name filed name in form builder?



Thank you for contacting us,

There are 2 fields as default in MEC which are Name & Email. They are not changeable.

These 2 fields are responsible for adding the users to WordPress and in fact, it creates a new profile for each one of your users in WordPress Dashboard > Users. So it is not possible to change them.




Could you tell me how can I change the default role for users?



Yes, you can set a default role for all new user in WordPress Settings > General > New User Default Role


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