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Datepicker Issue On Bridge Theme While Using MEC

How to resolve the issue of Datepicker On Bridge Theme While Using MEC?

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Datepicker issue on the bridge theme while using MEC is related to the JQuery scripts on your website. You can easily resolve this by learning about the functionality of this plugin and do these steps to resolve the issue.

Data picker is a lightweight plugin for the WordPress website. If your website is based on the less popular frameworks, then you might need JQuery scripts optimization. If you are seeing issues such as faulty date selections for the events, you might do the following adjustments.

Here we can see a conversation from the Modern Events Calendar’s support desk which is about Datepicker

Note: Select a date in the front-end submission. (you have to disable JQuery UI Datepicker to solve this issue)



I use the Bridge WordPress theme and I couldn't select a date on frontend submission. before sending a ticket, I check browser console and I see many many JS error


Hello,Please Go to Qode Options > General > Settings > JQuery Scripts Disable (uncheckd) JQuery UI DatepickerGo to WordPress Customizer and place the CSS below there:

/* MEC Date Picker on Bridge */
.ui-datepicker {z-index: 99999999999 !important;}


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