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Content Customization In Mandatory Field Of MEC Plugin

How to customize the content In the Mandatory Fields Of MEC Plugin?

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From this document about the booking form in MECyou can see that content customization in the mandatory field of MEC plugin has a facile and visual procedure. However, there are certain fields in this form that are compulsory, and you are obliged to consider them. 

Your website may require customization for the content of them and here you can see except for the name and email you can alter the rest based on your preferences.  

Furthermore, the translation method in the Modern Events Calendar can give you the possibility to change any string. If your modification is related to the language, then this would be extremely handy.


It possible to change the content of the mandatory field?

1. When people are enroling the first and the second mandatory field (name and email that i didn't choose) are entering only the name and not the full name, so i need to change the field entering name and surname instead only name.

2. the booking button in the italian version is registra that in italian souds not so clear. So is it possible to change the button content?




There are 2 fields as default in MEC which are Name & Email. They are not changeable.
These 2 fields are responsible for adding the users to WordPress and in fact, it creates a new profile for each one of your users in WordPress Dashboard > Users
So it is not possible to change them, but you can change string,

You can change any string you want with translation method. In this case you should change it in English translation file:
- Open mec-en_US.po with Poedit.
- Search the string.
- Type new string in Translation box and save it. Please read the following article for more information:How To Translate MEC plugin?

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