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Google Maps Doesn’t Show Up In The MEC Plugin Events

How to resolve the issue of Google Maps not showing Up In The MEC Plugin Events?

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After a while on your WordPress event website, you might encounter this issue that google maps doesn’t show up in the MEC plugin events.

Here we can see a conversation from the Modern Events Calendar’s support desk which is about Google Map


For some weeks, the google maps doesn't showing up on each event page. There is a blank space.
I didn't change any settings and the API Key is generating with Divi. I put the API Key in the M.E.C Settings to be sure. I checked on every settings but it's all activated.

Can I have some help please ?



Maybe this error can have several reasons.

1- Check to see if you have put the Google Map in MEC and the setting or anywhere else.

2- Make sure that you don’t have another Google api key in the plugins, your theme or anywhere else, please note, every site should have only one Google api key. It means, if you have put the code in your Google Map api key of your theme, you don’t need to put it in the setting, MEC or the plugins.

Note: If you activate Google API on your WordPress plugin or theme by checking this box, MEC will not load API again.


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