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Repeating System In The Events Of MEC Plugin

How to work with the Repeating System In The Events Of MEC Plugin?

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Repeating System in the events of the MEC plugin is based on different tickets and their default adjustments. This includes a variety of formats.

Three types of tickets are designed in the Modern Events Calendar and their repeat system has its own specific schedule. Follow along in this conversation to understand how to do the necessary modification.

Here we can see a conversation from the Modern Events Calendar’s support desk which is about Repeating System

I set the custom day repeating on theater event but all of the days show my event, do you have a solution to fix this.


Please read and follow this article:
Please have a look at the following to learn more about events with repeating.
The only main point is the following:
One-day tickets can repeat on the following basis: every day, every week, every weekend, every month or every year. 2-7 days tickets can repeat on the following basis: Every week/month/year7-days tickets or the tickets which are less than 30-days, can be repeated: Every month or every year. More than a month tickets: Can be repeated every year (28 days is the least amount of days for a month which belongs to February).The settings for custom repeat depends very much on the type of the event. Let me give you 3 examples:
Type A:Start Date: 03-February-2020End Date: 03-February-2020 Whatever day the Custom Repeat for this day is, its Start and End dates must be the same.Type B:Start date: 03-February-2020End date: 09-February-2020 Whatever day the Custom Repeat for this day is, it must follow the first time interval between start and end date.Start date: 13-February-2020End date 19-February-2020Type C:Start date: 09-February-2020End date: 01-March-2020 Whatever day the Custom repeat of these events are, they must follow the time interval between the Start and End dates.Other than the above situations, it will be considered a configuration error and your event will not be displayed properly.

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