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add readable date/time to Bookings admin columns on back-end

I have set up a repeating event event using Repeats > Custom Days to add 8 events on the same day at different times. It works.

When I check the "Bookings" in the back-end, I can see the "Event" column, but it only shows the date of the event.

Using Admin Columns, I can add a Custom field column using the "mec_attention_time_start" custom field. This displays the column, but it is in Unix format (which can be formatted into readable date/time using an online converter but am not smart enough to do the conversion in my head and my customers would not even know what Unix time is!).

Is there a solution that can output the event start time in a human readable format.

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Thank you for posting on our forum.

We have notified the dev team to add this feature in future updates. So you will have both the date and the time of the occurrence shown.

Thank you very much.

Webnus team

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