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Allow ticket buyers to add an extra donation


I will be organising a fundraiser concert soon. Customers can buy a ticket to the concert at a given price, but it would be interesting if they could add an extra donation. The donation would be on a fully voluntary basis where the customer enters any positive amount he or she wants to donate; or the customer can decide to not donate at all.

Does the Ticket and Invoicing component allow this? If so, how would I go about and installing that?

Thanks for your feedback

Jacques Kinnaer 

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Thank you for posting on our forum. While we don't have a specific donation option, you can use one of MEC's features to achieve this.

With ticket variations, you can add an item to the event called Donation for example, and set its price at 5 USD for instance, then when buying tickets, people can choose if they want to make that donation one time or 3 times for a 15 USD donation.

Let us know if there is anything else.


Webnus team

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