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Why is Modal Popup Window different widths?

Hi, we have the single page events show in a “Modal Popup.” But they do not show in a consistent size (on desktop screen), even though the “featured images” are all the same size.

On the calendar page, the Modal windows are:

Daily Prayers and Song with Sára – APPEARS VERY WIDE
Daily Prayers with Aliela – APPEARS MEDIUM WIDTH
Daily Prayers with Khabir – APPEARS NARROW WIDTH

Is there a way to set a width limit? I like the NARROW WIDTH best, and would prefer they all look this way.

Thank you!

The page I need help with:


Thank you for posting on our forums. I have created a ticket for you and our support team will get back to you.


Webnus team

Webmus helped resolve this issue with the following CSS:

Please enter the following CSS code in MEC > Setting > Custom CSS:
body .featherlight .featherlight-content {   width: 70vw; }

You can mark this thread resolved! Thank you.

Glad we were able to resolve this for you.