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questions before purchasing

We are looking for a WordPress-based solution to create a seminar environment.

Seminar dates should be listed on one page - ideally in the form of a calendar. Employees should have virtual credits and thus be able to “purchase” courses/seminars. However, we would like this to become a new currency - for example "educational credits", which is used to set a limit for courses/seminars that can be booked. The employee has to decide which course to attend, otherwise the credits will not be enough to book all of them.

Can we implement this with your solution? Or implement your solution in another way - possibly via credit/vouchers and then via euros or something like that?

At this time we dont have a running  MEC-Installation - but ... I looking at the features and I think we have to. But we dont need an real payment support. The "Credits" are only the way  for us, that the employees dont be able to get every courses.


Sven Heuberger


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Thank you for posting on our forum.

Unfortunately there is no way to integrate outside currencies in MEC. Please contact our support at via a ticket and see if they can suggest a workaround for this.


Webnus team