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Change the date/time of 1 occurance in recurring event


We have an event that is recurring every Thursday for 8 weeks.  If we have to cancel or change one of those occurrences due to bad weather or a holiday - how do we do that?  We can't find a way to edit the date and time for just one occurrence.



Thank you for contacting us.

You need to enable Edit Per Occurrence option from the MEC Settings. Then in the event edit page cancel the event by selecting this option in the Schema menu: 

Let us know if you need anything else.

That makes sense for cancelling, but what if we have to change the date? i.e. a normal Wednesday class gets moved to Thursday because of a holiday?

You can use the postpone option and then change the date for the occurrence from the Edit Event page.

Hello - Sorry, but I'm not following.  These are occurrences that I need to change the date for though, not the actual event.  So for example, we have a class that runs for 8 weeks.  We create an event for it, set up all the recurring settings to create 8 occurrences, sold the tickets for the class and now we are coming up on week 4 and we need to change the date for the 4th occurrence of this class.  How do we do that?

Please read this link. It has explained everything you need:

Hello - that's the first place I looked, but I don't see any field to edit the date or time of that occurrence.  It's not listed in the link you sent either.

You need to enable the option to edit occurrences first:

You can find it in MEC Settings > Single Event.

Then from here you can edit the occurrence:

Have you done this?

Yes - so once you add the occurrence in your screenshot, there is no field to edit the date and time of the occurrence.  Only fields to edit the other information.  Screenshot attached.

Please go to and create a ticket to have our tech team look into the issue.

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