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Feat Request - Social Poster & Ordering

I do regular event/markets and was very much looking forward to social poster, however it doesn't do what I was hoping for.

Most of our events are ongoing weekly or monthly, and I was hoping it could be set up to automatically post X days prior to each day it is on using pre-defined text and image - for example: Manly Markets are on tomorrow blah blah blah.

Not sure if I should post this as a seperate post, but I also sell online and would love to add a dropdown of upcoming events with dates on my product page for users to select as a pickup location for their order.  Currently have a text box, but people would simply ignore it, or put a non-existent event in that suits them ha ha. for reference 

Loving the MEC stuff btw!

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Thank you for posting on our forums, but this is not the proper place to make this request.

For the first request, please head over to and post your suggestion there. If you want to pay for a custom development job you can request for it here:

As for the second request, maybe some workaround is possible. Please contact our team at via a ticket and see what they recommend.


Webnus Team

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