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Is there a name your price/pay what you can option for bookings?


We would like to offer an event that allows attendees to pay what they can when they book, either paying nothing or any amount of their choice. We tried to implement that by using ticket variations (and offering a range of prices) but that doesn't seem to work. We do have the MEC WooCommerce integration plugin addon installed.

Can you please advise on how this functionality could be achieved?

Thank you.


Thank you for posting on our forum.

It's not possible with MEC what you want to do. You need a donation feature and MEC doesn't have that.


Webnus Team

Thanks for confirmation. Maybe this is something that can be added as a new feature request?

Our workaround was to add a full price to the event in MEC and create WooCommerce discount codes that could then be applied at the checkout. 


You can submit a request here:
Or see if anyone else has requested it and upvote their request.

Our dev team prioritizes this list for updates.

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