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Multiple Occurrence Booking Question

An event configured like this:


With a booking setting like this:


Only produces a single booking when a user fills out the booking form. That booking shows they are booked for multiple dates, like this:


If I wanted to verify the user for each date, the 16th, 17th, and 18th, how would I do that? I do not want to make the users register for each date, but we do need to track attendance. Is this something the Invoice and Ticket add on could solve?

To summarize: I want the users to book once for multiple dates and the admins to verify or check in each date.

Thank you!


Thank you for posting on our forums.

No that is not possible. If you want approval per occurrence then you must disable Sell all Occurrences option.


Webnus Team

Thank you for confirming. Is there any way to easily duplicate bookings across dates for people? If we could perform an action on the back end to add the additional bookings, we could still offer a single booking experience on the front end.

Bookings cannot be duplicated but sure, you can do a manual booking from the backend for the user.

You can contact our dev team and see how much it'll cost to have this feature developed for you by filling this form: 

Thank you for your quick responses. Much appreciated.

My pleasure.

Let us know if there is anything else.

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