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Avoid creating a user account when registering for an event

Hello, I have the Modern Events Calendar plugin installed and every time a person registers for an event published on my website, a user account is automatically created for that person on my Wordpress site. I have tried to see all the options on this topic in the plugin configuration and I don't see a way to prevent when a person registers for an event, a user account is automatically created on my Wordpress site. 

I also can't find a way to change what type of user account is assigned to new registered users or even prevent them from accessing the Wordpress dashboard.

Please, how can I prevent a user account from being created on my site every time someone registers for an event?

 I don't understand how this option is not easily accessible in the plugin options, really.

Thank you very much in advance.



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Thank you very much for posting on our forums.

You can disable that feature from the settings:

In case this guide didn't address the problem, please submit a ticket at and our team will help you.


Webnus Team

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