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waiting list confirmation doesn't work

Wating list is buggy... after registration on the list, the user is succesfully registered - but get's no confirmation message neither on website nor via e-mail.

This is the error thrown in the debug.log:

HP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /.../web/wp-content/plugins/mec-waiting-list/core/base/waiting.php on line 3164

What can i do??

Ok, two informations added:

1. if i set the limit of waitinglist entry >1 the mail confirmation works (confirmation on website still doesn't)
2. here is a new entry from the debug.log:

04-Jul-2024 09:43:10 UTC] PHP Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property Puc_v4p11_Plugin_Info::$requirements is deprecated in /.../web/wp-content/plugins/mec-waiting-list/core/checkLicense/puc/Puc/v4p11/Metadata.php on line 47

is it a license thing? i bought one but i don't know how to add the license where??


Thank you for posting on our forums.

This is an issue that requires technical support. Please submit a ticket at and our team will investigate the issue.


Webnus Team