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Suppressing event description in Shortcode List View

Since version 6.11 when events are listed using Shortcode List View the event description is now being displayed for all events listed.

Previous to 6.11 only the event title, date, time & location were being displayed when using Shortcode List View.

How can the event description be suppressed when Shortcode List View is used?



Thank you for posting on our forum.
Can you please share a screenshot or a link to the shortcode?
Which skin of the List view?

We need more information to determine what's happening.

Waiting for your response.

I've attached a sample screenshot of the event listing showing the description being displayed (refer to red circle) when viewed via the shortcode.

I've also attached a screenshot of the shortcode display options used (all other options are disabled). Note using the Full Calendar skin.

Hello again,

Thank you for sharing the screenshots.
Please place this css code in MEC Settings > Custom CSS and the descriptions will be removed.

.mec-event-list-standard .mec-event-description {

    display: none;


Let us know if you need anything else.

Have implemented custom CSS and event description has been suppressed. Thanks!

I'm glad that worked out.