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Bookings for recurring events

 I'm thinking of buying the plugin, but I want to make sure the plugin will do what we need.

We have a recurring weekly event. Each week, people can sign up for the event (we have a limit of 25 spots), so each week the list of attendees will vary. Then, if the 25 spots are full, we want people to be able to sign up for a waiting list.

We are also using Paid Memerships Pro, so only members can sign up for the event. But I saw in the screenshots that you can limit the bookings by user role, so that takes care of that, I guess 

Would MEC cover those requirements?

Thanks, that's excellent!


Thank you for contacting us and choosing MEC.

Yes everything you described is possible with MEC Pro and the Waiting List addon.
You can create a repeating event that repeats each week with a capacity of 25 and limit bookings to user roles. MEC Also integrates with Paid Membership Pro for easier function.
And the waiting list addon will take care of that function for you.

Let us know in the online chat if you needed anything else.


Webnus team