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Custom Days Repeating Events don't display until moving start date

Hey there, great plugin, we've been using it for a year or so. 

I do have an issue, and it may be due to a misuse of the plugin or a bug in the plugin.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an event that is repeating and uses custom days. For start date, our event was originally from 2022 and ran for 6 months, but we have extended the end date until 2024. 
  2. Every week, add new custom dates for the repeating event.
  3. Every few months, extend the end date another few months.
Randomly, the events past a certain date in the current month will no longer display on the calendar. For instance, we added 3 new custom dates to our event today (9/4/2023) and saved it, and suddenly all events past 9/6/2023 were no longer visible. 

Change the start date of the repeating event to the previous or current month. Once the event is saved, the calendar correctly displays all future events past 9/6/2023.
We are finding that we need to do this workaround once a month, adjusting the start date of the repeating event to the current month,

So actually, the events are only showing until October, but I have some in November too. Attached some screenshots. Currently, the start date for the event is August of 2023. If I change it to September of 2023, I believe November events will show up, but December will not.

(44.4 KB)


Thank you for posting on our forum.

Since this is a detailed issue, I will convert it to a support ticket and our team will reply to you. You will receive an email with a link to your ticket on our helpdesk.


Webnus team

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