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pop up modal edit

hello i need edit in my web modal popup. i display my calendar with skin daily view, and i need insert the image feature in popup modal display method. how can i do it?..thank you

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You simply need to turn on this option here and the option to show featured image as a modal will appear (you can find this option in the shortcode settings page):

Let us know if there is anything else.


Webnus team

Hello. I am using the shortcode builder and I have chosen the tile view. On my events page I am very happy with the styling I have achieved but, when I click on one of the events and a popup is formed, I cant style this. I have done the things that you have suggested in reply to the previous question but it is still not working. I have sent two screenshots below.


Thank you for posting on our forums.

Unfortunately, the popup itself cannot be edited. It is as it is. If you like to make changes to it you can ask our team for a custom development service and see what they say.

Use this link for the request: 


Webnus Team

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