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Display total available seats

I'm selling tickets for my event. There are 3 tiers of tickets. For each tier, I want to sell 20 tickets, but a person can only buy one ticket in total.

I set up the booking limit to 1, which allows people to buy only one ticket, but where it says "Tickets available" it only says "1", but I want it to say 20 (each ticket has a limit of 20).

Is this possible?

I just tried it, and setting the booking limit to one only let's one person buy one ticket for each. I need to set the booking limit to unlimited, but then people can buy 3 tickets (one of each).

I opened another thread with this amendment.


Thank you for posting on our forum. Have you implemented the settings as described in this guide:

This way each use (determined by their email and IP) can only purchase 1 ticket. If you want to make it limited to 1 of each ticket type, then that is not possible.


Webnus team


I followed that guide, and it kind of works. But when I try to purchase a second ticket, it doesn't give an error, it just doesn't do anything.

What I do is select 2 tickets, and when I click on "Next", nothing happens. Shouldn't there be an error message? When I only select 1 ticket, it does let me continue with the process.

I think there should be.
Please continue this issue with our support team at

Create a ticket and explain our conversation here and they will look into the problem.