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Multi Day (Non Consecutive) Event within Event


I am looking at getting an Events Plugin Like MCE and want to know if the following is possible

My event is a Multi Day Event, but the days are not consecutive and it's not an event that repeats every Day/Week etc

So without making it complicated, here is an example

The Single Event runs for 3 evenings Next Week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and if you decide to attend, there may be different activities each evening.

The organizer of the event should be able to create the Single Event for Next Week, and maybe also have the option to make it reoccurring every Week or Month

Is this

  1. Possible out of the box with MEC
  2. Is MEC customizable through code editing to allow this. If so, can someone direct me somewhere to do this



Thank you for posting on our forum.

Yes you can do that with MEC Pro. You need to create a repeating event with a custom schedule, select the days you want and make it so that people have to buy all occurrences. Then you can edit each occurrence and write the activities in it.

Coding is not part of our support. You can request a custom development service for that from our team.


Webnus team

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Ok thanks, I have some other ideas that might require development
I will contact the Developers when I am ready

Just a query about the solution

Would the organisers of the events have the ability to create these multi day events from the Organisers Screen

Yes organizers can do that.

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