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How to hide certain text elements from tags in the drop down menu?

We organize summer camps.
We use the tag for age: we fill in every age of children who can attend. For example 9 years; 10 years;...  This is how it looks like:


Because ME Calendar thinks 10 is smaller than 7 years, I had to add a letter. So the age appears chronological in the dropdown of the calendar. 6 years, the lowest age, thus gets a) 6 years. 7 year becomes b) 7 years.

Now, this of course looks a bit daft, so we want to hide a), b), c),  on the frontend.

I asked Chat GPT, but to no avail :-)

Does anybody know how to hide the letter followed by ) but not the age itself?



Thank you for posting on our forums.

Please enter the numbers 1 through 9 like this:





It will fix the problem.

Let us know if you need anything else.


Webnus Team

Thanks! I will do it like this. 

But I still need to hide the a), b) en c),... for the label. Because, as you see in the printscreen, we use it for filtering the vacation periods and sleepover options. To make it appear chronologically in the way we want, I had to start the first with an a) and so on.


MEC doesn't add these by itself. You have written them in the settings yourself. Remove them from wherever you have added these items to the list.

If that is not the case and you still have issues, please submit a ticket at and our support team will guide you.


Webnus Team

You don't seem to get the point. If I manually remove them, they appear mixed-up and illogical to the user.

 Please submit a ticket at and consult our support team to see what can be done.
I can't help beyond this.