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Send notification to Organizer

I am trying to set up notifications so that it sends the notification that the event is published to the organizer and not to me. I've tried putting %organizer_email% into the custom recipients space but it didn't work, but that was just a guess. Maybe there is another placeholder for this variable, but there is no definitive list of placeholder variables. How do I set this up?



Thank you for posting on our forums.

The placeholder is for the body of the email. In the receiver user and receiver role sections you need to select the users and roles from the dropdown menu and they will get notified.


Webnus Team

I am actually looking to send the notification to organizers, not users. I'm not sure what use the platform is if I can't send notifications to people who submit events who are not admins on my website. I am building a platform for many people to list their events, not just a few admins. 

I have created a support ticket for you and our support team will guide you.