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Event title covered by sticky menu header

Our client is using the Hestia Pro theme with a sticky menu header, and MEC Lite. The header remains visible when you scroll down the page, which is normal. It covers the top portion of pages and posts. We can structure page and post elements to appear below the header, but cannot find a way to modify the structure of an event. Is that possible or does the solution lie only with the Hestia theme? Thank you!

Glad to hear it.

Let us know if you needed anything else.


Thank you for your quick response. That code works perfectly! It handles all of the event pages at once!



Thank you for posting on our forums.

This is an issue caused by your theme. You need to either use our Single Builder addon to change the layout of the page, or you need to override the single event page:

For now you can use this code to add more space to the top of the page to show the event page content: 

.single-mec-events .mec-container {

    margin-top: 60px;


Place it in MEC Settings > Custom CSS

Let us know if you need anything else.

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