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New to MEC - how to change header on single events?


I've just started helping someone with their existing WP site that uses MEC and they have asked me to remove the header that appears on all the single event pages (it doesn't show on the events index page).

I've been hunting for the template that defines the layout for single event pages, but I'm very confused where it might be. There is nothing in the theme itself that is being used I think. And I can't find any settings in the MEC plugin that define a header. And I've tried looking for a Page that might be being used for the template.

Any pointers would be really helpful! Thanks



Thank you for posting on our forums.

The Body tag for Single Event pages has the class single-mec-events and you can use that to hide the header on these pages.

MEC doesn't render the header and this is related to your theme, as such, there is no other solution.

If you need further help, please give us a link to a single event page on your website and give us a screenshot that shows what exactly you want to hide and we will give you a CSS code to use for that purpose.


Webnus Team

Hi there, Thanks so much for replying. I think that’s why I’m confused. Any new ‘normal’ pages I create, don’t get this header. But for some reason any new event I create does. I assume that the single event must be using some kind of template page? Thanks again for your help.

You need to contact your theme's support about this. We can't help any more than that.

No problem. Thanks for helping. Good to know that MEC doesn't have it's own templates, helps me to narrow down.

My pleasure.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Hi again,

So sorry to open this up again! 

I contacted the theme creators and they have asked me to ask you which is the template file that MEC uses to create a single event page.

It seems the events 'index' page is created and the shortcode added there, but how to set which page is used as the template for single event pages as it's not using the default template on our site.

Thanks and sorry to bother you with this again!

I will create a ticket for you and our support team will email you to help out.

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